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Skill Planner: v1.10
Amazon - Assassin - Necromancer - Barbarian - Paladin - Sorceress - Druid

Skill Planner Instructions
The Diablo 2 v1.10 Skill Planner is a free service provided by d2items.com.  Use it to explore character possibilities without wasting skill points.

The Skill Planner will allow you to add a point whether you have the required prerequisites or not.  Don't forget to account for the prereqs when planning your character.

Everything is pretty self-explanitory.  It operates like the real game interface, for the most part.
Select your character class at the top.
Select the skill tree from the tabs on the right.
Left-Click a skill to add 1 point.  Right-Click a skill to remove 1 point.
Click the Cancel Button Ř to reset all skills to 0.
Some skills have varying stats in different diffculties, such as the Necromancer's Summons.  These are shown as follows:

Level 1 Clay Golem

Life: 100  « Normal Difficulty
Life: 175 (N)  « Nightmare Difficulty
Life: 275 (H)  « Hell Difficulty

If Nightmare and Hell difficulties are not listed, the skill does not vary by difficulty.

Skill bonuses from items do NOT give synergy bonuses.  Only actual points spent in a skill will count for synergy bonuses with other skills.  For example:

You have a Sorceress with:

Level 1 Ice Bolt
Level 1 Frozen Orb (which receives bonuses from Ice Bolt)

If you had 5x +1 Skill Cold Skill Charms, the skills would both independently operate at level 6.  However, Frozen Orb will not receive a level 6 Ice Bolt bonus.  It will only receive a level 1 Ice Bolt bonus because you only have 1 real point spent in Ice Bolt.  So, you'd basically have Level 6 Frozen Orb with a level 1 synergy bonus.  If you wanted to increase the synergy bonus, you'd need to spend more real points in Ice Bolt.

To account for this, there are boxes on each skill tab, as well as one at the top-right (for + all skills).  Each box should be used for skill bonuses from items.  If I were going to check the skills for the above mentioned Sorceress, I'd put 1 point into Ice Bolt and 1 point into Frozen Orb, then plug in 5 to the + [ ] to Cold Skills box.  If I'd put Ice Bolt at 6 by adding skill points directly to it, Frozen Orb would show stats for a level 6 synergy.  Use the boxes to properly calculate synergy bonuses.

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